"Almost all our plants reproduced mainly by the method of vegetative propagation (cuttings). Furthermore, depending on the type and their capabilities we make seedlings, too "

The method of cuttings is a widely used method of vegetative propagation. The feature of vegetative propagation is genetic stability. This creates a genetically identical plant from a common ancestor. As a result we have uniformity in development, quantity and quality of the natural substances.

 In AgriHerb, at automated glazing greenhouses and special techniques we produce high quality propagating herbs from selected genetic material that we have to our parent field.

 The mother plants we have choosen  have got all those characteristics required for a business of growing herbs for dry material and essential oils.

 We pay special attention to phytosanitary both at the parent plants in order to take healthy cuttings, and in the process of propagation, so that the producer receives plants ready for transplanting in the field with excellent results .

 Plants are supplied to 96 holes trays, hardy, ready for planting in their final position.
 The height of each plant varies from 8 - 15 cm.

 The trays are packed in suitable cartons and then on pallets and shipped with a transport company of customer choice.

 Also we can supply all our products to individual pots with larger dimensions.