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Agriherb is a business venture in the field of aromatic and medicinal plants ( MAPs ) by people working in the broader agronomic field for the last 20 years.


In recent years it has started strongly in our country growing herbs for dry material production and for essential oils. This is a promising sector for the Greek agricultural economy with high economic and export-oriented bussines.


A big problem, however, for the growers is the supply of the right plants that are suitable for the production.. They have to choose the right species and varieties in order  to ensure the quality characteristics should have got the end product (dry material or essential oil) which require foreign markets. 

Our facilities



The supply of suitable propagating material for the bussinesman farmer of  MAPs. that will ensure success.At the same time we support their effort at all stages of cultivation with visits to the field and technical support during the stages of drying and processing products.